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Monday, November 20, 2006

Ozark Glow, Hillbilly House Payment

Photo Friday Challenge

Subject: Evil

I caught this shot Saturday night. I was going to the local grocer when I saw one of our Volunteers speeding to the firehouse with flashing lights and blaring siren. When I exited the store only a few moments later, an ambulance was speeding in the opposite direction. When I pulled into the driveway in my yard which has a great view of my town, I saw the eerie orange glow.
Needless to say, I grabbed my rubbernecking better-half who was shaking in excited anticipation, hollered for my kids to "mount up", and drove to the fire.

This shot is the result.

As far as I know, this particular house has been empty for years. Old, decaying homes in our area have a way of mysteriously burning down from time to time, hence, the title of the post.

I don't know...maybe some eleven-year olds sharing a cigarette stolen from momma's box of GPCs or something...


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